As a bike magazine we aim at providing you with the latest details mountain biking. This includes the newest bikes, stunts and fails. From our page, bike fanatics will be able kept in the loop on all new bike events competitions and records. We tend to cover all areas that interest our readers. Compiled with pictures videos and information on the latest bike trends the readers will learn more on biking.

We will be able to help bike fanatics to locate competitions and be able to follow some of the world news in biking. Apart from news, we provide various types of tips revolving around biking. For instance we will be able to guide you on how to choose a biking location and the best methods to use when choosing a biking team.


By ensuring full coverage and providing variety, our readers will be able to know some of the latest biking gadgets developed and the pros and cons of each of these gadgets.

As opposed to most of the other bike magazines, most of our information will be provided in form of videos so as to keep the reader captivated and help them to fully understand what we have to offer.

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By following us on the social media sites, the reader will be able to access most of the latest developments on the site. Our aim is to be able to help, inform and entertain bike fanatics by providing resourceful information.

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This is what makes us stand out from the rest of video bike magazines in the field.



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